SINOENERGY GROUP headquartered in Beijing, the capital of China.It is a group company well integrated with mining,picking,chemical industry,metallurgy,R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing in the silica and silicon resources field. And mainly focus on silicon dioxide,silicon monoxide and purity silicon.
Our company offer a great selection of silica and silicon materials and related products,which are in total 10 categories,including more than 100 different products.The beneficial users are spreading over the world in more than fifty countries and areas.
Independent Research And Development
Relying on a dynamic and professional RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT team, years of powder processing technology and application servicing experience, SINOENERGY devotes itself to technology and product innovation, keeps creating value for customers by improving performance or reducing cost. So far, SINOENERGY has owned above 20 proprietary intellectual property rights and great amount of non-patented technology achievements.
Cooperative Research And Development
SINOENERGY has established and maintained close cooperation with scientific research institutions, technology RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT institutions and customers to launched technology cooperation.
Customized Research And Development
All what SINOENERGY thinks and does is to satisfy the customers’ requirements. Relying on years of experience and understanding to customers, SINOENERGY can offer customized RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT services to customers.